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Photo Gallery

Internal Monologue Internal Monologue Fortune Teller 36545932 Froggies 36545934 Baby Jesus 36545935 Lights 36545937 Car Dealership 36545939 Light Fixture 36545941 Cherub 36545942 Driving 36545943 Fake People 36545945 Balloon 36545948 Another Bed 42869415 Silos 36545957 Room 42869417 Cement Saint 36545958 Shadows 42869418 Kitchen Floor 42869830 Caravanserai 45875312 George 36545961 Houses Speeding By 36545963 Plastic Saints 36777396 Clothesline This picture was taken at The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 49701926 Tree 69045900 Stop Rape I bought the red sticker that has "RAPE" written on it in white at Women and Children First (see my links), slapped it on this stop sign, and took a picture. The stickers are obviously sold for this purpose-- I recommend everyone do this! If only I were taller... 69045902 Waiting For Spring 69671298 Sun With Traffic Lights 69671301 Hand in the Aquarium 69671299 Feet 69671300 Sunrise 122361294 Snow Angel Snow angels visit us in the form of human playfulness every winter 118755041 The Houses in my Head are Burning 144973572 Mother Mary 148072156 Shaft of Light 150502793 Corridor 156888916 Iowa 156888917 Trees 196545765 Leaf 196545787 Power Lines 199409707 Flag 202573633 In Between 204513014 Closet American 204513015 Wearing Red 204513016 Hospital Floor 204561266 Blue Bra 204583430

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"Elizabeth has an extremely rare talent and coinciding point of view. In her images she masterfully conveys the fragility of the moment which challenges the viewer with seemingly..."

Kelly Jackson



Katie Herzog