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domain name

Posted on January 26, 2012 at 5:10 PM

Just so you know, I've upgraded to premium but it turns out I didn't have to change my domain name. That's good, because a lot of my colleagues are linked up to this domain name.

I saw an interesting movie last night called The Debt. There was a quote in it that stuck with me: "Truth is a luxury." And it got me thinking, do any of us have the luxury of real truth, of truth to ourselves, or to be truly free? As they would say in the '60's, heavy, huh? ;)

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Posted on September 27, 2010 at 7:05 PM

One of my photography teachers I had as an undergrad had us keep a journal about our photography. Even though I really enjoyed doing that, I haven't done it since. Until now. (And that was ten years ago!)

One of my professors from Columbia College Chicago, where I went for grad school, has a group of photographers meet at his home once a month to look at and talk about work. At the last meeting, I was reminded of how I hate doing "projects." I'd much rather carry a camera around with me everywhere and shoot whatever strikes my fancy, than work on some project. But, that said, the meeting inspired me to start work on a few projects, all of them dealing with self-portraiture: I haven't used my camera's self-timer setting much until now, and a couple weekends ago I started using it to take self-portraits and I got hooked. So then I went on to set the camera up to use the self-timer to take pictures of my husband Tommy and I sitting on the couch watching Star Wars on Spike TV, and lastly I've been taking pictures of myself that address body image.

I guess the problem with writing about this is that if any of those pictures end up on this site at all, it won't be for awhile since I'm very picky about what I put up here; I really want the work you see here to be my best work.

November's coming, and my dad was sweet enough to buy me black and white 120 film for my Holga... the light in November screams for me to take pictures with my Holga. The light is wispy then, tinsly, like things are floating and sparkling in it even when it's not snowing... and the Holga is perfect for capturing things that are there-but-not-there. It'll also be cool shooting black and white again. I have black and white film I shot in February or March that I never processed so I finally broke down and decided to bring it somehwere to get processed. So I'll let you know how all that goes.

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