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Elizabeth Caudy

Elizabeth Caudy's work explores an inner psychological terrain where reality is altered by perception and perception is itself molded by parallel forces that include imagination, fear, faith and wonder. These forces provide the inner sight to see the extraordinary within the ordinary and the varied individual channels where experiential environments become part of all that the individual brings to them.

She manipulates imagery to convey the sight of the inner eye and inner experience. These become sources of creative expression and a montage of layered experience. The camera, pen, or keyboard becomes a vehicle for expression that frees the potential for visualizing basically invisible states of awareness, dreams and fantasies.

Caudy is interested in the differences between separate psychological spaces as well as in internal versus external realities. Her images of windows tangibly deal with the dilemma of either daring to go through into a different psychological space, or staying within one's own internal reality while both scared and transfixed by what might be beyond the glass. These ideas are present throughout the whole of Caudy's work in a more conceptual manner.

Content Warning: This site discusses disability, mental illness, suicide, self harm, and other topics of that nature which some may not be comfortable with or that might not be work safe.

 All images and text that make the body of the pages on this site are copyright Elizabeth Caudy. 

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"Elizabeth has an extremely rare talent and coinciding point of view. In her images she masterfully conveys the fragility of the moment which challenges the viewer with seemingly..."

Kelly Jackson



Katie Herzog